As per our long Experience in the Market with International  and local Partners ; we offer the following services :

Administrative services : 

  • Follow up with local authorities on all documents submitted for approval of the master plan and building permit in coordination with the architect and other stakeholders.
  •  Update on the status of approvals, risks with mitigation plans during the project life cycle, from master plan approval to obtaining the occupancy permit. 
  • Advice on applicable tax exemption benefits and tax avoidance regulations (tax exemptions on imported materials, etc.) Assist in the establishment of a pre-qualification procedure for international or local consultants and contractors and advise on their competence for each component of the project. (Tourist - residential etc....) and also by trade. 
  • Analyze and recommend the most effective and least risky procurement package, strategies, contract types and their terms. Assist in setting up and operating project management systems, including implementing client policies and procedures to match the Moroccan market and industry, while maintaining international standards Help analyze and critically review reports and recommendations issued by any third party directly to the client to help make better decisions, based on our international and local in-country experience.

Design Management Services:

  • Monitor the design progress with respect to the Project schedule, budget and scope.
  • Report for any potential delay.
  • Prepare and review consultants design proposal for constructability.Establish and present to the Client for approval: a program, schedule and agenda format for meetings; a design management strategy; and a Project communication plan. Implement the approved plans in cooperation with all other Project participantsMonitor the design progress with respect to the Project schedule, budget and scope. Report for any potential delayStatutory consents and approvals.
  • Coordinate and support negotiations with statutory authorities.
  • Review, in conjunction with the Design consultants, the form and content of applications. Progress the applications process and arrange that the project team carry out a check of all approval/refusal documents. Ensure that consultants implement and deal with any conditions attached to consents.
  • Determine, in conjunction with the consultants, the Client, etc., which other statutory approvals are required and that applications for approval are submitted. Ensure that consultants apply for amendments to statutory approvals granted when required.
  • Ensure that the consultants obtain clearance from health and safety and fire officers

Procurement Management Services:

  • Manage the entire process of procurement for of consultants, contractors and other services/works required for the Project in full compliance with Contracts & Procurement Policies & Procedures. Submit procurement strategies to the Client and advise on most effective procurement strategy for this Project including recommendations for structuring tender packages and sub-packages in case of sub- consultants / sub-contractors.
  • Develop sufficiently comprehensive lists of qualified firms.
  • Carry out complete Pre-Qualifications process as required by the Client.
  • Conduct pre-bid technical / commercial meetings with Tenderers to resolve technical / commercial issues so as to ensure bids from all the competitors are in par with each for comparison.
  • Prepare Tender Bulletins/Amendments, answers for Tender queries as required.
  • Conducting interviews, meetings, presentations etc., with Client's present, all as required by the Client.
  • Perform technical evaluation of proposals and of any other information which might be relevant.
  • Perform commercial evaluation of proposals and negotiation upon request by the Client.
  • Develop selection criteria.
  • Draft Requests for Proposals RFP's/Tender Documents including Scope of Services/Works and all technical and commercial aspects based on Client's standard Tender/Contract templates for each different FIDIC books.

Construction and  Project Management Services : 

  •  Carry out the role of Project Manager under the construction management services contract with due expedition and without delay, in order to ensure that the Client's requirements and design intent are met for the schedule, function budget, aesthetics and low maintenance / operation costs.
  • Provide services in conjunction with the services of design and supervision consultants as described in the Agreement between the Client and those consultants.
  • Proactively engage themselves to resolve all the issues between the contractor and the design and Site supervision consultants during construction for the timely delivery of the Project and flag any issue may delay the progress on Site by any Project parties.
  • Monitor the construction schedule and cost of the Project are running as planned. Report any deviations from the plan monthly with recommended mitigation plan.
  • Implement the Project procedures and specifications as per contract Documents and Client's Contracts & Procurement Policies &Procedures.
  • Track and advise the Client for the design consultant's / contractor's contract variations and advise the client accordingly.
  • Prepare and issue various logs as required by the Client.
  • Organize, manage and chair meetings as required with the Project consultants and all other Project participants. Prepare the minutes of each meeting to document the discussions and identify the action items and their responsible parties, all the critical issues and problems on the Project; and to coordinate the resolution of all of the same in timely manner.
  • Implement the H&SE standards and monitor the safety aspects as required.
  • Ensure the highest quality and applicable standards are implemented and advise the Client for any deviations by the supervision consultant.
  • Maintain correspondence and other Project documents in a central filing system and develop and implement a Project Document Control System. Documents to be stored electronically and in hard copies of which the complete set of both versions shall be made part of the Turn-Over Documentation upon completion of each component.
  • Establish design and construction inspection and testing reporting.
  • Procedures with the Project consultants and contractors.
  • Monitor compliance by the Project consultants and contractors with all applicable and legally required inspection requirements. Upon requested by the Client, identify the third party testing agencies, Solicit proposals, and make recommendations on the selection of the said testing agencies. Assist the Project consultants and the Client in retaining these independent agencies. Review testing and inspection requirements and coordinate implementation of the testing and inspection program.
  • Remain on the Project Site full-time to observe and monitor work progress in addition to attending the formal Project meetings and appearing for meetings when requested by the Client or otherwise required. Inform the Client in writing at least seven days in advance for the scheduled absence of its Authorized Representative(s) and his/her designated representative during the said absence
  • Review, certify, and make recommendations certifying the monthly Interim Payment Applications issued by the Project consultants, contractors and other Project participants under contracts with the Client, and forward the same to the Client for processing payment as required in the contracts. CONSULTANT shall ensure processing the payment certificates in hard copy concurrently with processing in the Client's payment on-line web-based systems.
  • Act as the main interfacing body between the contractors and the Project consultants to help clarify and resolve issues of design and construction.
  • Use best efforts to ensure that the Project consultants, and all contractors, subcontractors and other Project participants adhere faithfully to all Contract requirements, the Master Schedule and the individual component Construction Schedules. If there is an identified failure and/or the potential failure to adhere to contract requirements, the Master Schedule or the individual component Construction Schedules, recommend to the Client an approach for addressing the issue. Investigate and recommend for Client's consideration on replacing the failing or faulty party or entity of Project consultants, any contractor or subcontractor, or other Project participants, as necessary, to complete the Project in accordance with the Client's objectives.
  • Monitor progress of the Project consultants and contractors relative to the Project Budget. Identify problems and recommend to the Client ways to exploit opportunities to more effectively complete the Project.
  • To the extent not already included in the Project Status Report, during construction, add information on milestones achieved, delays overcome, financial status information and cost projections, variations/change orders, status reports, submission status reports, status on RFI's/requests for clarification, identification and status of claims or disputes, schedule status and identification of problems encountered along with the corrective action taken or recommended.
  • Provide all general requirements as stipulated in the contract .
  • Prepare a detailed list of these imported materials and equipment and verify that these materials and equipment are installed permanently on the Project. Work with all contractors to obtain the final clearance from the authorities regarding the materials and equipment that are imported using the Project duty exemption for Customs clearance.
  • Review and analyze all variations/Variation Order requests, claims and other requests for relief (compensation/time, etc.) in accordance with the Client's Contractors & Procurement Policies & Procedures by the contractors, Project consultants and other Project participants and advise the Client of the impact of same on The Project Budget, Master Schedule and individual component Construction Schedule. Administer variations by requesting the Project consultants to prepare drawings, documents or sketches as required for items of extra work or change.
  • Ensure that all changes to the scope are being tracked, monitored and approved by the Client prior to issuing to the Contractor. Also ensure monitoring and recording any deviations to the Contract material, specifications or drawings and flag the cost and/or time impacts fot that deviation or change.
  • Prepare independent estimates for each change in the work or directed extra work to compare with the prices quoted by contractors and suppliers. Conduct negotiations with contractors and suppliers in accordance with the Client's Contracts & Procurement Policies and Procedures and develop Variation Orders to incorporate changes or extra work into contracts and purchase orders with all the related supporting document and justifications for the cost and/or time impacts. Prepare request for approval of issuing Variation Order Memorandum to the Client's authorized Committee and Variation Orders for Client's approval, and processing afterwards.
  • Issue recommendations to the Client based on its professional evaluation of the variations/changes to the Contracts, Agreements and Purchase Orders. Review and make timely recommendations in accordance with the Client's Contracts & Procurement Policies and Procedures on the form of any variation orders and contracts amendments. Use its best efforts to process Variation Orders within a thirty day period and conduct settlement negotiations, mitigate all Contractors' claims and assist the Client in any dispute resolution proceeding concerning the same.
  • Administer claims by review and appraisal of claims from the Project consultants, contractors, other Project participants, and suppliers as to validity of merit of each claim under the terms of Contracts, Agreements, and Purchase Orders. Prepare an independent itemized estimate of cost for claims appearing to be valid under Contracts, Agreements, and Purchase Orders and reconcile with contractors, Project consultants, and suppliers 'estimates. Negotiate with the Project consultants, contractors, other Project participants, and suppliers to resolve claims, including documentation of the rationale for resolution. Prepare Variation Orders to incorporate work covered by the acceptable claims into appropriate Contracts, Agreements, and Purchase Orders, and submit to the Client for approval and return for processing.
  • Administer requests for Extension of Time by preparing a Claim Log and prepare the critical path delay analysis in Primavera; list all finding of fact for requests by contractors, Project consultants, and suppliers for EOT covering all aspects of the requests. Based on the schedule analysis, identify the delay responsibility for review with the Client before proceeding to negotiate equitable adjustments in time with contractors, Project consultants, vendors or suppliers to the best interests of the Client and the Project.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the status, activities and progress of the Project by compiling daily reports covering work force, equipment and activities, and other matters essential to the Project and convert the data into an S-curve diagram. Present progress reviews to the Client.
  • Manage the preparation of the interim and final punch lists and interface between the Project consultants and contractors in securing completion of all punch lists or other open items.
  • Manage the FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment), OS&E (Operating Supplies & Equipment), Artwork, Signage Procurement Agency consultancy agreement. Schedule and monitor the subsequent installation.
  • Monitor completion of the construction and FF&E, OS&E, Artwork & Signage installation work, including close-out of the punch lists, correction of deficiencies, collection and storage of stock items, compilation of Operation and Maintenance manuals, assembly and cataloguing os as-built documents, warranties and guarantees.
  • Maintain a photographic record of progress of the Project from day 1 up to the handing over 
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