Mohamed Salah SHEHATA

                                                                      Engineer - Founder

Thirty  years of experience in Construction Industry . 

Twenty two years of experience  in Morocco/Spain.
Worked with high profile International Firms  in Project and Construction Management  in different countries :

Egypt , Morocco and Spain.

Fluency in four Languages:            Arabic - English -  French and Spanish

Driving Speed through Agile Planning Certificate                               University of MARYLAND-

USA  2018

Project and Construction Management diploma                                  American University in Cairo -EGYPT   2004

Bachelor of Science in Civil and Construction Engineeeing               AIN SHAMS University - Cairo - Egypt  1993       

     Nidal ALDIHNI 

                                                                               Partner Consultant - Architect - Morocco- Spain 

 Thirty years of experience 

  Hevan Cheikh Mohamed 

                                                                    Partner Consultant.Civil Engineer -Morocco-  Spain 

                 MBA, Contract/Commercial Management and Project Controls

 Twenty two years of experience 

   Heba MAGHAWRY               
Partner Finance - Procurement Department Director

 Sixteen years of experience 

 Reda BELEMLIH                                      Logistic Manager 

Six  years of experience 

 Abdelaziz KAROUANI                               Office Support            

  Fatimazahra  ELHALYMY                         Administrative Assistant 

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